We all know that it’s very important to do your due diligence on any property that you are
looking to purchase.

The trouble is sometimes it takes far too long. Therefore you may miss some good deals becauseyou haven’t got the time.

What if it only took 15 minutes to do your due diligence on each property? You can see if the deal stacks up by following a process each time.

This eBook gives you an 8 step process to see if it’s a deal or no deal! You will also receive a spreadsheet to analyse the figures and to look at the comparables.

The eBook is written by Yvonne Emery, an experienced property investor and property coach. It’s
great value at just £8.33.

See what people have to say about the eBook.

“This is a great guide for someone who is relatively new to property investment on how to check out whether a deal is good or not. It takes you through the process step
by step with screen prints so that you know you are on the correct webpage and explanations so you know why you need to perform each step. Even for more experienced investors who like to have a process to follow this would be useful particularly when looking at a different kind of property to your usual investments”.

Jane Beard, Peterborough

“I really liked Yvonne’s Due Diligence in 15 minutes. It is a clearly defined,
step-by-step process that you can use to determine quickly and easily whether or not a deal is worth pursuing further or not. It is a great tool to have for any serious property investor, especially those with limited time”Rudolf van der Walt

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