Successful Strategies Despite Market Trends

The best way to get ahead in property investments is by setting strategies and making sure you have achievable goals along the way. However, the way that is best for you will change over time, so you need to review your strategy on a regular basis to keep up with the changing market. Building successful strategies will help you succeed whatever the property market is doing.

Yvonne Emery CoachingDo you have a clear and specific strategy or system?  The word strategy can either ignite our imaginations or fill us with fear.  Most investors find the next ‘bargain’ and invest.  The successful investor starts by working out what they want to achieve from the investment.  Whatever your motivation for investing – passive income, capital growth or an alternative pension – make sure you understand why you are parting with your money.  You are the author of your own investment portfolio and you can adapt the way you invest whenever you like.  Even if you are using someone else’s system to purchase property you need to ask yourself what your required outcome is.

If I had started out with written goals and a strategy I would have progressed far more rapidly with my investments and understood my required outcomes.  Now that I have applied coaching techniques and worked out my own strategies I am more focussed and have specific targets to aim for on a monthly basis.  Often we put off writing things down, believing that having them in our heads is sufficient.  But just putting our goals on paper makes them more concrete and increases our chance of success.

  • So how do you set strategy?  Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do I want to achieve through investing in property?
  • Why is this important to me?
  • How am I going to achieve this? i.e. What shall I invest in and when?

If you are working towards financial freedom, then be very specific about how much passive income you will need to replace your existing income.  Instead of having a goal to own 10 more properties by 31st December 2008, write down how much passive income you want to achieve by the same date and work out HOW you are going to achieve that.  Write down the type of property you will need to purchase and how many you will require.

Turn your back on negative press and focus on your strategy.  If a property gives you the return on investment you require, it fits your strategy.  If it doesn’t contribute to what you want to achieve, then it’s not for you.  When you rely on your own experiences and strategy then you will really know whether a property is worth investing in or not.

(Yvonne Emery December 2007)