Get the communication right and make £1000’s more

Have you ever wondered why there are some people we just ‘click’ with and others we don’t seem to get on with very well?Get the communication right

If the same is true of Estate Agents, sellers, suppliers, workmen, brokers, solicitors and tenants then how can we make that ‘click’ happen more often than not?

The key to communicating well with people is by keeping in rapport with them.  With some we have a natural rapport where we seem to be speaking the same language, whilst with others it really seems to be tough going.

First identify your own preferences and the way you like to be talked to.  Are you outgoing or reserved?  Are you primarily driven by the money you can make, the details of the deal, having fun and the potential for having fun, or by helping other people?

Do you talk fast or slow?  Do you enjoy meeting new people or would you prefer someone else to introduce you?

Everyone you meet will have different ways of communicating so identifying how they communicate can bring better results faster.

Estate Agents are predominantly sales people. They’re interested in getting their commission quickly.  They have less interest in detail and as long as you’re going to buy the property they don’t care how.  Help yourself by keeping the processes to yourself to begin with.

You need to maintain a confident approach with them to ensure they remain confident in you.  Too much detail of the different ways you could go about buying the property and they’ll be looking for a different buyer.

Brokers and Solicitors on the other hand prefer the detail.  It will help you in the long run and speed up the process if you have all the details to hand.

Motivated sellers don’t all have one preference, so you’ll need to identify them differently.

  • Are they speaking quickly?  Then go slow on the details.
  • Are they speaking more slowly and deliberately?  These sellers will need to know more of the details before they’ll do business with you.

The fast talkers tend to make up their minds fairly quickly, however they are far more likely to change their minds later on (or be influenced by a partner who needs the detail).  The slower speakers will not make a decision immediately but will need to deliberate on their own and do their own research.  If they make up their mind to go ahead, they’ll stick to it.

By judging a sellers preferences and being able to slow down or speed up your discussions to match their way of speaking and level of interest in the detail you will build up rapport very quickly.  This helps them to know, like and trust you, giving you an advantage when negotiating deals.

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