Have you been to all the property seminars yet?

Yvonne Emery has a totally unique approach to property investment using coaching techniques to make sure you actually succeed in your goals however you choose to approach them.  She has been investing since 1997 and has prospered through many different economic climates and systems of investing.  Now she challenges you to succeed in property investment with a personal approach and simple explanations of the systems available in today’s property world.

Have you been to all the property seminars yet?

Are you someone who has already made that all important decision to invest in yourself and your education? You know that you want to make the most of the property prices at the moment, right? So what’s stopping you?

It’s a well known fact that about 90% of all those sitting with you and working with you at a seminar will go home and put the papers away and then not do a single thing about what they have just learned.  This is not only the property seminars, but all seminars, so why is that?

Have you listened, learned and understood?  Or have you just listened and taken some notes?

However experienced you are there is always more to learn and understand.  Every time I attend a networking event there is something to take away and take action on.  New initiatives or even old ideas regurgitated could create thousands of savings in tax or a fresh approach to structure deals – let’s face it the financing of deals is changing on a weekly basis at the moment.  Think about it – anyone who claims they know everything can only be right for 6 days max.

Don’t be part of the ‘YES BUT’ brigade – make sure you’re making things happen for you right now.  Keep your But’s behind you and the Yes’s in front.  If you are not acting and investing at the moment, then the chances are you just haven’t found the right investment formula to suit your personality.

You must work in a way to suit your personality because you can’t have failed to notice that we’re all different.  Take a look at those who have been successful with the BMV system and using leafleting as one of the main advertising modes – what are their similarities?  How are they different from you (if you’re not using leafleting of course).  How about those who are making real headway with options – what do you notice about them?

Perhaps you aren’t using these methods because you fear having your neighbours or friends laugh at you.

  • If leafleting doesn’t feel right then build relationships with Estate Agents and use the traditional method of buying property.
  • If you’re holding off making offers, or dare I say it, holding off from viewing properties, then you seriously need to ask yourself what is stopping you.
  • If owner occupiers are pipping you to the post with your offers and paying the asking price, you may well be looking in an area that is very desirable for residential purchases.  In which case you will need to find another area near you (or even not so near you) that will fit your purchasing criteria.
  • If you are using the lack of financing opportunities as an excuse… come on guys (and girls) get a grip.  There are so many opportunities to control properties without the need for a mortgage that this shouldn’t be an excuse any more.
  • If you don’t know how to structure deals to the level that gives you confidence to get on with it, then get alongside others who do know.  Read all you can, attend all the seminars you can and most importantly of all get a great broker who knows what they’re doing. They’ll help give you the confidence to get all the background in place and to really make progress.

So, are you a jump in and do it kind of person? Or are you a researcher who likes to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed before you start anything?  Perhaps it would be better if you had a partner to accompany you and encourage you along the way? Or are you the director type who would rather someone did the hard work for you?

Whichever you are, you will find different groups who can answer your queries and help with your preferred method of investing.  If you’re uncertain as to which road to take then visit my website www.yvonneemerycoaching.co.uk.

Maybe one to one work could springboard your portfolio more quickly.  On the basis that each of you is different then your road to investing and the methods that suit your personality are different too.  Call me to see if I can help you to move forward.  I offer both one to one sessions and small group sessions (maximum 6 people) which would allow you to explore your own situation more specifically. You can own (or have an option to own) your next property by Christmas if you want to.

Email: Yvonne@YvonneEmeryCoaching.co.uk and quote YPN in your subject title.

Happy Investing