Property Investment Project Unbelievable opportunities you won’t want to miss include…

Have you been following the progress of our Victorian Renovation?  Well we feel as though we are on a countdown now as we complete on the property at the end of July.  The top floor is almost finished and we are starting to wire the ground floor.  I’m forever in the tiling shops choosing the tiles for the next room and tomorrow we are going to Colchester to agree the designs for the 4 new-builds we’re putting at the back of the property.

If you want to see how far we have got now, with all the new windows in, then this is the link to Highfields Part 5.  You can catch up with the other parts if you haven’t seen them already.
Property Renovation Highfields Part 5
But, even better than my project, is one that my friends Dave Rumford and Jon Price have been working on.  Just take a look at what they have achieved….



Property Refurbishment
  • Conversion of a Grade II listed building
  • Financed by other investors
  • £450,000 net profit (expected £220,000)
  • Full article in YPN magazine
  • Commercial to Residential Conversion



This took significant negotiations with Town Planners, Finance companies and Building suppliers. 

They worked with a builder as part of their team and managed to arrange constant financing throughout the project.
They are holding a tour of the building (the only one they’ll be able to do as it’s going to be occupied shortly) and the builder is going to be providing all the details of the work they needed to do, so you can repeat this too.
ARE YOU FREE ON Saturday 19th July? 
If you are, then please see if you can get to St. Ives (the one in Cambridge, not near Cornwall) they will be able to talk you through all the planning categories and the problems they faced and smoothed out so that you don’t have to go through the pain they did.
They are even giving away their scale maps so that you can replicate what they did.
Because they understand how frustrating it can be when you go on a course and only learn some elements, so that you can be upsold onto the next course.
The only reason I’m sending you this information and suggesting you go on this course is because I know you love the renovation I’m doing, and you love the fact that I provide huge content on all of my talks and seminars. 
Dave, Jon and their team are providing as much content as they can pack into this day to make sure you have what you need to make your investments as successful as theirs has been.
I’m sending my husband to take down all the detail as I really want to get everything I can out of this.  Many of us fancy doing this, but with all the information it really has to be so much easier.
NOW, the great news, is that they’ve offered my contacts a very special deal, that they don’t want to let everyone know about – they have agreed that I can offer you half price!!! but ONLY because I’ve agreed to pair people up to get the special 2 for 1 deal.
You’ll have to call either me or Dave directly.
My number is 07956 079605 and Dave is on 07807 513986.
That means it’s just £250 for all that information and a fabulous day with a superb team of investors and builders.
Let me know if you can go and don’t forget to watch the Highfields video
Property Renovation Highfields Part 5

Happy investing