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From: Yvonne Emery

Dear Investor,

If you’re in property, the one thing you always need to do is due diligence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or been-there-and-done-it professional. If you intend to make any income from property investing, you need to assess whether the properties you plan to buy are deals or duds.

In other words, do the numbers stack?

The trouble is, due diligence needs to be done properly, and that takes time.

Isn’t it heartbreaking when you have to let some great deals pass you by, just because it takes you far too long to ‘do your homework’ on all the potential property bargains that come your way?

And that’s not all. Even if the numbers work and the property looks like a fantastic bargain, if you’re just getting started in property, how would you know for sure that you’ve got this bit right and don’t end up paying way too much for the property in that location?

I’ve been in that situation of uncertainty myself. And I’ve actually solved the problem!

So who am I, and why should you

listen to me?

I’m Yvonne Emery, an experienced property investor. For the last 16 years I've developed an eclectic portfolio which has covered all kinds of economic climate changes.

I'm also passionate about helping others become financially free. As a property coach and mentor, I've helped 100s of people build their own portfolios, showing them how to invest in property in a variety of ways - including refurbs and HMOs - depending on their individual financial situation, personality and the time available to them.

And over the years, the one thing every single client has asked me is:

“How do I know what a property is worth?”

This is obviously such a massive issue for every property investor that I set about finding the solution.

And 2 years ago, I created an ebook, Due Diligence in 15 Minutes, giving you a detailed, 8-step process for determining if a property is a deal or no deal, all in – well, the clue’s in the title!

The important thing is, this process is:

  • Accurate
  • Simple to follow; and
  • Fast!

Imagine – no more spending hours and hours working out if a property is worth investing in, or even if you’re focusing on the right location for your property strategy.

And, of course, the less time you spend on due diligence means you’ve more time to snap up those lucrative property deals before anyone else.

Now, Due Diligence in 15 Minutes is pretty damn fast. And then I got to thinking: what if I could make due diligence even faster?

And automate it?!

Job done!


The Property Probe™!


For Just £41.50



Due Diligence In Just 5 Minutes!

That’s right – this nifty little bot has shaved even more time off your essential property ‘homework’.

The Property Probe™ is:

  • Fast – saving you time and money, because one = the other, right?
  • Simple to use – perfect for beginners and professionals alike!
  • Effective – you’ll know within minutes if a property is a good deal or no deal!
  • Automated – just enter the postcode of the property or area you’re interested in, and the Property Probe™ does the calculations for you!
  • Accurate – the Property Probe™ is aligned with the process used by professional valuers when they calculate a property’s value. This means you’re not relying on what vendors and estate agents say the property’s worth! Speaking of worth...

I could easily charge £49 upwards for the Property Probe™

and it would still pay for itself virtually from the first time you use it.

However, I wanted to make this tool affordable for everyone who needs it, whichever stage you’re at in your property investment journey.

Forget £49+...


Just click 'Add To Cart' now to take advantage of this great offer!

Product # 1:

My Original Updated ‘Due Diligence In 15 Minutes’ Ebook!

You’ll get my original comprehensive 8-step process to determining whether any property is a good deal in just 15 minutes.

Why? Because while the Property Probe™ has automated and condensed your due diligence process into just 5 minutes, the original ebook maps out the whole operation in exact detail.

You’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how this system works, how the numbers should stack, and what criteria’s used to decide if a property’s worth your time and investment.


Product # 2:

FREE Property Probe™ Updates For 1 Year!

We’re totally committed to helping property investors like you to grow their business, learn how to find better deals and generate greater profits.

This means we won’t rest on our laurels with the Property Probe™ - we’ll always be refining this product to make it indispensible to your due diligence property research.

So, when you invest in the Due Diligence Property Probe™, you’ll automatically be ‘enrolled’ to receive any updates FREE for the next 12 months.

We’ll make sure you’ll always have the latest, cutting-edge due diligence tool at your fingertips for seeking out the best property deals out there!


A brand-new, Property Probe™ Rental Plugin, which will give you the rent details for any UK property or location you're interested in!

And when you know what a property can rent for, you'll know what your cash-flow is going to be every single month!

This Rental plugin alone is worth double the price of the Property Probe™...

And the Plugin is all YOURS, for FREE if you own the current Property Probe™.


For Just £41.50



This is a great guide for someone who is relatively new to property investment on how to check out whether a deal is good or not. It takes you through the process step by step with screen prints so that you know you are on the correct webpage and explanations so you know why you need to perform each step. Even for more experienced investors who like to have a process to follow this would be useful particularly when looking at a different kind of property to your usual investments

Jane Beard,

...A clearly defined, step-by-step process that you can use to determine quickly and easily whether or not a deal is worth pursuing further or not. It is a great tool to have for any serious property investor, especially those with limited time”

Rudolf van der Walt
United Kingdom

Q: I'm a Mac user. Is the Property Probe™ compatible with Apple Mac?

A: The Property Probe™ is Windows-compatible only. However, it will work on a Mac if you have Parallels software installed. Parallels enables Windows to run alongside Mac simultaneously. What we advice is to purchase the Due Diligence E-book only which will work on any operating system.


Q: I’m new to property investing and am still unsure what constitutes a good deal. Can the Property Probe™ help me with this?

A: Yes, absolutely! That’s why I created it, and its forerunner, Due Diligence in 15 Minutes. One of the biggest challenges for beginners in the property market is learning how to work out if a property’s worth investing in. The Property Probe™ gathers the right information for you, so you can tell at a glance if you’re wasting your time or onto a winner. You’ll have certainty. And with certainty comes confidence, and when you have that you’ll be out there landing some great deals!

Q: What if I do invest in the Property Probe™ and find it’s not really for me?

A: Simple - try it out for 30 days. If the Property Probe™ doesn’t help you get your due diligence done in record time, I insist you contact me for a full refund. And you can keep my ebook.

Q: What’s so special about the Property Probe™? Can’t I get the same results using other property websites?

A:You can. Eventually. But doing your due diligence using several websites simultaneously eats up your precious time and needs a lot of open tabs on your browser. Not all laptops are up to the job! With the Property Probe™, all you need to do is enter the postcode of the property you’re interested in, and the Probe does the work for you - in just 5 minutes! .

Deal Or No Deal?

Find Out In Just 5 Minutes

With The Property Probe™

Get instant access right here!

Yes! I must have this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:

  • Property Probe™ Automated Property Due Diligence Bot!
  • The Original, updated ‘Due Diligence In 15 Minutes’ Ebook!
  • FREE Updates for 1 Year!
  • All this for £41.50!



See you on the other side!

Here’s to your property success,

P.S. Remember – the Property Probe™ is £41.50, with 3 special bonuses: Due Diligence in 15 Minutes ebook, free automated upgrades for 1 year, and you get the Rental Plug-in for FREE. This offer won’t last for long, so don’t delay – grab your Property Probe™ right now!

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