There are 4 main stages in the process we go through to create a freedom for ourselves that would be the envy of many.  I’m talking about Financial Freedom – when you no longer need to work for a living and your investments pay for the lifestyle you want.

1.  Financial  STABILITY
Making sure your income exceeds your outgoings and that you are financially prepared for all eventualities

2.  Financial SECURITY
When you have made sufficient preparation for your retirement and you are able to fund your favourite annual holidays

3.  Financial INDEPENDENCE
At this stage you have invested sufficiently in Property, Business Ventures or Shares to provide passive income

4.  Financial FREEDOM
When all your outgoings including your lifestyle costs are covered by the income you receive from your investments

Fast track your way through these stages by having Yvonne as your coach.  There are so many ways to invest, she will help you learn which are best for you and examine in detail what it is you want to achieve so that all the investments you make will be tailored to your own way of thinking.


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