“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is starting to find their own deals.  Yvonne provides a thorough understanding of the type of people who will need your service, how to find them, how to communicate with them and how to quickly evaluate the deal.  Yvonne teaches a systematic approach to deal with the evaluation and the negotiation process which is essential to anyone who wants to succeed in property investment.”

Nicholas Beck

“I was able to manage my time more efficiently between work, home life and the development projects.  I worked more effectively with the plumber and plasterer, helping them to work together and to pull the project towards completion without them getting under each other’s feet.”

SS, London

“I feel more focused now and I can’t wait to get started”.
Niki Evagorou, Enfield
“Very interesting and exciting seminar, the best I have attended.”
Lesley Beale, Peterborough
“Yvonne is friendly and approachable. She responds to the issues raised in the group and is concerned to ensure people get the best out of it.”
Nic Blackwell, Coventry
“Thank you very much, got a lot more than I bargained for. Highly motivated
to get started.”
Romeo Young, Peterborough
“A good course for people that want to move forward their personal development.”
Trevor Cooper, Bedfordshire
“It has been a well structured, informative and enjoyable day. I have gained a good insight into coaching and come away with positive development
goals for my property interests.”
Becky Rouse, Peterborough
“Thanks for an amazing day. I started with no clear focus, no idea where I wanted to be. Tonight I am going home with a clear focus on my real goals and a plan to achieve this with deadlines!”
Brendan King, London
“Excellent approach – spot on in terms of challenge, interest and enjoyment.”
Sarah Barron, London
“Yvonne is a very clear thinker, very easy to talk to, and had a habit of asking
questions which got right to the core of my issues.”

Chris Brown, Liverpool
“Yvonne’s coaching was tremendous. The sessions have helped me to clarify my life goals and to ensure that they complement each other. Yvonne listened generously and used challenging questions when appropriate to help me to get to the root of the issue.”
Noelyne Jones, Peterborough
“I had a series of coaching sessions with Yvonne, which impacted on my life in many ways. I would thoroughly recommend Yvonne to anyone who feels that they want more out of life than they are currently getting.”
Chris Brown, Liverpool
“I was able to manage my time more efficiently between work, home life and the development projects. I worked more effectively with the plumber and plasterer, helping them to work together to pull the project towards completion without them getting under each other’s feet.”SS, London
“After spending just a few short minutes with Yvonne I finally had the confidence to invest in a property as a way of providing myself with an alternative
pension for when we return from overseas.”
JN, Coventry
“I met Yvonne through Business Link where she gave a talk about referrals.
Using advice from this talk I have changed my way of working with my clients and contacts and have seen the business in a new light. In my opinion, Yvonne is a very inspirational speaker who can help transform our business practices.”

Reg Bingham
“Since having personal coaching with Yvonne Emery I have been able to improve my business plan by being able to visualise where I want my company to be in the short term and long term. I know how to set the goals
I want to work out what manageable steps need to be taken to achieve those goals.My ability to determine my strengths and weaknesses has improved and I am clear about how to take steps to reduce weaknesses.
As a result my business has grown in the direction I wanted to go and I feel that I am running the business again instead of it running me. It has benefited from becoming more productive, and therefore more profitable.
My clients have appreciated the increase in efficiency and are recommending me to others which has increased my client base and turnover. I feel confident that I now have the strategies to
continue to enhance my business.
The added bonus is that all the strategies I have learned can be applied to my life outside the business. I haven’t managed to increase the number of hours in a day but I have the ability to organize them more efficiently.Jenny Southcott, Peterborough
“I have recently made the move to work with my husband, and our lifestyle is where we want it to be for now, we focused on my dream to write a novel. I really feel that you helped me think about it differently, and I now know that my preparation will start mid-May, then the actual writing in July.I don’t know how you did it, but having said that “plot” scared me, I have since our brief meeting, thought in terms of “structure” which for some reason I am far more comfortable with. That was pretty skilful, to eliminate the one word that I found scary in the whole process, because now I have moved on from that, I feel so resolved and at ease, it’s wonderful.”JC, Herts
“My coaching from Yvonne was hugely satisfying and gave me the energy and motivation to achieve my goals. Yvonne kept me focussed, encouraged me
to see what was achievable and I did. Thank you
“Thank you so much for today, I am so pleased that I came to see you. I have taken action and I am so pleased that I have done it!
Thanks again.”
“Thought provoking. If you need a push in the right direction Yvonne can give it. Very relaxed and friendly.”Ann “A good workshop with women only and all at start up or pre-start up facing the
same challenges.”
“It allowed me much needed ‘time out’ opportunity to think about what was important in taking my business forward.”Debbie “Very interesting and not too intimidating.”Lesley
“Enjoyed your presentation style. Very approachable and easy to talk to and understand.”Charanjit Vyrdee, London “Flexible and caters for the audience.”
 Raj Walia
“Yvonne is fantastic as she is a very motivational, knowledgeable, realistic consultant which is her personal style”
 Nina Kabra
“Answered questions with relevant info. Clarified several aspects for me.”Olivia
“Fantastic opportunity to hone in on your goals. Yvonne enables you to focus on the important matters in life.”
Justine Martin
“2008 was a bad year for me. I came to the seminar feeling totally de-motivated, but
left feeling completely rejuvenated.”
Jan Donegan
“Yvonne is a clear, dynamic and inspiring seminar leader”Katherine Carlson “Yvonne’s course has helped to re-motivate me to go for my goals.”
Ed Vella
“Very illuminating, excellent course content. Improves mindset significantly.
Yvonne has a great ability to enable you to look at things in a different way and tailor them to you.”
Tom Jennings
“Yvonne is great at presenting, very knowledgeable and built rapport well with everyone and instantly moved people.”Elena Theodorou

“Great use of plain English when talking about specialist subjects.”
Emma Queralto
“A highly informative day with many original ideas and material.”Phil MacMillan
“Yvonne has a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of issues relating to property and financial freedom.”Annette “Very empowering.”Angelo
“Very knowledgeable about the topic and demonstrated a passion that was motivating. Dealt very tactfully with difficult delegates that showed a great professionalism and empathy.”Pauline Heron, London “Yvonne is clearly passionate about people and property. It’s an amazing combination.”Sonny, London



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