From Frank Gyamfi-Yeboah
Treasurer – Anglia Communicators Toastmasters Club

“Thank you for the fantastic speech you gave last night to the Peterborough Property Investors Group.  The speech has really inspired me already.

I started using your ABC ideas the following day at work just to test it.  I used it throughout the week and guess what, I came out 293% of my week target (still in the rat race).  I am definitely going to use these ideas in my business to move forward.  I hope you had this speech taped.  It would be great to listen to it again.”

From the Hampshire Property Club

“What an amazingly different presentation that was last night.  Yvonne really sparkled, as well as making us think differently about things.

So where are you now?  Your comfort zone, your stretch or panic zone?

We really, really enjoyed last night and it is great to see the Club growing with new members joining us every month.

Everyone came away from the evening with something to remember and to act on! Whether it was goal setting, in stages, the different zones we are in, and how we can use that to our advantage or even how scary a Rubic Cube can be!

For us, amongst all the things we learnt, there are two most important points we shall remember:

that in our headlong race to reach the next goal we actually DON’T look back to see how far we’ve come. Yvonne was absolutely right. We stand and look up at Mount Everest and think how much we have to do yet and it becomes un-motivating. We become overwhelmed.

Whereas if we take the time to stop and look back at what we have achieved then we really feel empowered by that.

The Club for instance has come a long way since we started in April and yes, if we think of all the things we need to do, to create more for members, to organise each event, it does become a bit daunting.

But when we look and see how many friends, real friends, we have made through the evenings, how many amazing people we have met, and we mean really amazing!  How many knowledgeable experts we now know and how well the Club is growing, yes we all need to pat ourselves on the back.

All the members have been brilliant at bringing guests, encouraging other members, and really supporting each other.

the second point we learnt was how the help and support from others is VITAL. We know we always state that networking is essential but it really brought it home last night from Yvonne’s speech. She is absolutely right. On our own we can do a fair amount but when we get together we can achieve much, much, much more. The support we get from others multiplies many, many times what we can do on our own.

We heard some incredible tales last night of how members have helped each other out.  Not just networking or joint ventures though those are important, but giving real help where it is needed.  People’s lives have been changed by joining the Club.  That makes us feel wonderful!

Bringing people together is a powerful way of making people powerful!

So thank you Yvonne for several revelations last evening.

And thank you  for supporting the club. We want the Club to grow and grow so that we can all support each other especially through some grim times!

Actually one of the most powerful aspects of last night is that we were all laughing!  The atmosphere was joyous, humorous and happy.  It made us feel so much better being around people who were chatting, laughing and joking  – yes it was quite a night!”

Thank you so much,

Best wishes

Dennis and Hazel
Hampshire Property Club

From Reg Bingham
PEP Networking Group

“I met Yvonne through Business Link where she gave a talk about referrals.  Using advice from this talk I have changed my way of working with my clients and contacts and have seen the business in a new light.  In my opinion, Yvonne is a very inspirational speaker who can help transform our business practices.”

Reg Bingham


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