Property Refurbishment Of The Highfields Project

Property Renovation Expert

It’s time to start over after a long break where we tend to wind down for the summer.  I was reminded of New Year’s resolutions, reviewing the business and fitness targets and wondering where the year has gone.   On 4th January we started the refurbishment of our Highfields project and as it nears the…

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Property Investment – Life isn’t about DIY!

The oven was on, one meal for the adults, another for the kids.  The phone was ringing and then the mobile started too.  I’m trying to unravel the yo-yo for my little boy and put the clothes back on a doll for my little girl.  Then the doorbell goes! Time to delegate! And suddenly a…

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Your Dream Home – imagine your future [mindset coaching & mentoring]

Everyone has moments when they are relaxing when they allow themselves to imagine their dream situation. That might be cruising in the med, visiting a country that has stirred their interest or living a different life to the one they now have. Whichever it is for you, I’m going to challenge you and ask if…

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