This can be your ultimate springboard to the best property portfolio you can build in the shortest space of time.

Have you ever wanted a sounding board for all your ideas and not known who to ask?

Do you want to surge forward with your investments but don’t know how to finance your deals?

Are you great at some parts of the process and need help with others?

Yvonne Emery coaching Property Coaching

Why not work with an industry expert and someone with over 13 years of experience in the industry to ensure that you are getting a tailor made package that suits your


Wouldn’t that make a big difference to your success and achievement!


Yvonne is 100% focused on her clientsand helps them to understand how they can best use their talents and experiences to build a fantastic property portfolio.

She has been investing in property for over 13 years and has used many different strategies over that time to invest in a variety of property, which means that she has tried and tested them out for you already.

You will be able to choose from any of the strategies you have read about, instead of relying on being taught only one way to invest.

If you need encouragement, motivation, understanding and contacts – then Yvonne will help you to develop your very own approach to property using all the tricks of the trade taught by the Gurus.

She has been running an independent Property networking group called PetPIG in Peterborough for the last 3 years and she also hosts the Property Investors Network group in Cambridge. She is a national speaker at property networking events and sought after for speaking at the top investment shows.


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