Your Dream Home – imagine your future [mindset coaching & mentoring]

Everyone has moments when they are relaxing when they allow themselves to imagine their dream situation. That might be cruising in the med, visiting a country that has stirred their interest or living a different life to the one they now have. Whichever it is for you, I’m going to challenge you and ask if it’s going to continue to be a dream or are you going to turn those imaginings into reality?

By taking time to consider what it is we want in life we build up a picture that matches up to the expectations we have. Unfortunately those images are quickly wiped away by our negative thoughts, or those of our family and friends. No-one means to pour cold water on your ideals, but we are very easily manipulated by our desire to do what other people want us to so that we fit in with the crowd.

Ask yourself what your dreams are and have a pad ready to capture all the things you come up with. You will end up with a very detailed picture of the place you want to live both in respect of region or country and the type of property you would like.

This is where it gets interesting… If you truly want that lifestyle and the house you dream of owning in the future, then tell yourself it’s possible and start working towards it.

  1. Is your career on the right track? Do you have the potential for promotion within the company you currently work for, or not. If not then how could you go about looking for another job in the same, or even a different industry. We haven’t had very high pay increases year on year for some time, and now even bonus payments are being reduced. The quickest way to increase your income is to find the promotion you want in another organization.
  2. Have you got the charisma to find a better paid job? If you are finding that promotion is eluding you and you are telling yourself you are going to have to stick it out because you need the pension and the benefits, then you may need to ask a few questions to find out what you specifically have to do to be considered for the next level. Who are the key stakeholders that you will have to impress in order to be recognized and noticed? What about your delegation and time management skills – do they need working on? If you are being let down in this area by your own knowledge and techniques (or the bosses think you are lacking in this are) then it’s relatively simple to change the way you are working.
  3. Are your finances in order? Have you seriously worked through the process of gaining Financial Stability and Security? Look under ‘investment strategy’ on for further information on the 4 steps of financial progression.
  4. When you have taken the necessary steps to put yourself in a financially stable position and you are ready to invest in property then there are a number of ways to invest over a period of time that you choose to get yourself to where you want to be and in possession of that dream home. You can build your portfolio alongside your job, investing any extra income that you are generating. You can also build income from the investments you make either in property, stocks and shares, businesses or internet business.
  5. Living in your dream home may be achieved by saving, increasing your income and then retiring, or going to work overseas. However if you have the UK in mind one of the cheapest ways of having the house of your dreams is to build it yourself. I can hear some people gasping in horror, but in actual fact this is easier and cheaper than you imagine. If you buy yourself a copy of Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine you will see that you can buy any style of property you choose directly from a specialist provider and they will actually provide the team to build it too.
  6. It’s the land which costs most of the money and plots can be found on plotfinder and various other websites. In fact there is also a National Homebuilding Centre in Swindon which specializes in homebuilds. Propeties can be bought for as little as £60k but if you want something a little more substantial then you can choose your own style.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and if you think it isn’t possible then it is likely that you’re either not at the stage of financial security or you haven’t got all the information which will help you to accomplish your aim.

If you want to find out more about property investing then please contact us for an individual consultation. We don’t sell property, but we do create personalized investment strategies and help you through the process of buying your first or your next investment property.

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